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Iverify is committed to making a difference by delivering innovative life safety and property protection solutions, with the core belief that every interaction matters.

Iverify: the partner you want to work with.
Iverify has invested over $25 million in professionals, processes and technology to become the recognized industry leader in interactive remote video and audio protection solutions. We’ve proven our proprietary solutions can revolutionize security when properly designed and deployed.

This year, Iverify will touch customers over 6.5 million times:

4 million+
virtual guard tours
1 million+
event responses
1.5 million
employee escorts
back door openings
safe openings
video verifications

Iverify integrates technology, security experience, professionalism and efficiency to deliver the solution you really need: greater security, plus greater opportunities for additional profitability, all at lower cost.

Iverify is an ESA member.

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Why Iverify? Watch the video. Play Video